Season 3.2 in which our hosts begin a two week streak

Season 3.2 in which our hosts begin a two week streak

We talk more about Advent, focusing on the readings and themes of Week Two.  The second week of Advent often chooses peace as the theme around which to interpret the scripture.  But, we note, these are cries of the underdogs who seek justice.  Though peace sounds peaceful, this kind of peace may be unsettling. We also discuss two movies and three songs to help expand you Advent imagination. And soccer.

Season 3.1 which our hosts try to remember how to

Season 3.1 which our hosts try to remember how to

Codemaster Cody and Crash-test Craig decided to record their conversation.

After about two years of talking about podcasting and planning podcast episodes, we just decided to record.

So here it is.

What is different this time around:

  • It is just us on this recording. If we can get Christina to join us, or Justin, we’d be thrilled.

  • We are planning interviews, but there are not any on this episode.

  • Editing is a slow process and a pain in the neck. So we are playing around with technology that will shorten the time from recording to posting. The edits will be rough, or non-existent.

  • We will be talking about the themes and rhythms of the church year beginning with Advent this December.

Also, Craig introduces a new podcast he is developing based on stories about the church which may leave us flummoxed. If you have a story, happy or sad, funny or serious, humbling or heroic, send it to as an audio file. Use the recording app on your phone, Apple VoiceMemo, on Andriod Voice Recorder, or whatever you have.

See you next week.

#002 Unpolished & Incomplete: an in-between-isode

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

There is such a thing.  There is a week during which appreciation to truck drivers is to be shown.  This year (we just missed it, barely), Truck Driver Appreciation week went from September 11-17, 2016.   Remember it! If you missed it this year, put it on your calendar and be ready for 2017.  Just think, without these transportation officials, we'd have a tough time getting ice cream, beer, dog food, toilet paper, shoe laces, coffee, tires...... To learn more about National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, head to the America Trucking Association website

 Mark Stauffer's office

Mark Stauffer's office



For this edition of Unpolished & Incomplete, Cody interviews a truck driver- because, what's more blue collar than that? In honor of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week last week, Cody spoke with his own father, Mark Stauffer, a 40 year veteran of the industry who has logged nearly 3 million miles on the road. Listen as they talk the pressure of being an entrepreneur on the road; balancing days on the road with family and civic obligations; knowing when it's time to make a change; growing up and raising a family in VERY remote rural Idaho, and a whole lot more. We appreciate truck drivers at the All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast, who keep the nation moving!

All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast: Episode 1

Welcome to the All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast

What happens when missionally minded folks, who are also into sports and athletics, combine their passions for reading, cooking, and preaching and spend time talking together?  Hopefully a thoughtful conversation with unexpected connections: NFL draft and the nature of the Holy Spirit; preaching as outlined in baking recipes; batting averages, what triple-doubles have to do with what it means to be a church of mutual accountability.  We are allergic to big words, but not big ideas. 

DISCLAIMER: Profound things will be said, but it will be entirely by accident.


ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING so please be patient while we learn the fine arts of audio editing and least try to enjoy!

In today's podcast Cody talks with author, Paul J. Pastor. Visit Paul's site at:, follow him on Twitter (which he says he doesn't use often) at: @pauljpastor.  At the end of his interview, he even explains how to contact him via snail mail. Make sure to ask him his "creeping perirchoresis" is coming along.  Also, the complete interview with Paul is available at the link below:

We also talk about things we get wrong, music we like, opportunities for gratitude, and a preview of what's coming up over the summer.

Music clips: Infinite Orbit and Colors in Space by Explosions in the Sky; Spirits and Dog, by The Strumbellas; and Ablaze by The School of Seven Bells (SVIIB)

Cody and I discuss things and stuff, while throwing in our own little music reviews.  We discuss music by: Explosions in the Sky, The School of Seven Bells (SVIIB), and The Strumbellas.  We don't know a lot about music, but we know what we like.  And we encourage you to like them to.  Follow the links below to learn more about and purchase music from these performers.

Explosions in the Sky: and you can purchase their music and merch here: or on iTunes

School of Seven Bells: and you can purchase their music merch at and at iTunes

The Strumbellas: and you can purchase their music and merch at or on iTunes