the mission place


the mission place is not where mission takes place

the mission place provides resources so you can enter into mission


The mission place does theology: serving home churches, congregations, the people who participate and lead in the local gathering and in larger regional fellowships. the mission place believes that ideas, reflection, practices and theology need to emerge out of the local context.

The mission place coaches: resourcing leaders through counsel, advice, and education; spiritual direction, and discernment; transforming and mediating conflicts; from experienced practitioners.

The mission place listens: creating opportunities to listen together and share in the creation of hope-filled consulting processes transforming challenges into mission.

The mission place is a 501c3 directed by the Institute for Missional Directions (IMD).



Find out about what guides the mission place, what we are seeking to provide and why, and what we believe.

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Projects and Partners

Consultations, educational initiative, conflict transformation and more, with congregations, leaders and networks of churches.

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