episode 3.8 in which our hosts learn about volleyball and hospitality

episode 3.8 in which our hosts learn about volleyball and hospitality

We have an episode co-host and interviewee, Sarah Jackson of Casa De Paz, Denver, Colorado on this episode.

(Note: take a look at the photo, by Anthony Camera on the podcast page, I love the netting on the volleyball net and the ball that looks like a globe - cool!)

We blathered and yacked (verb, past tense: trivial or unduly persistent conversation) about some of the following topics and ideas in the podcast. But for the most part, we got to know Sarah Jackson and life at Casa De Paz. Please look at the following links to learn about Casa de Paz and support the compassionate work of hospitality are hope.

Others are talking about Casa de Paz

David Byrne of Talking Heads discovered Casa de Paz and encouraged his fans to be supportive from his Twitter account (@DBtodomundo ) “Sarah Jackson founded Casa de Paz—a short term home for immigrant detainees and their families—in Aurora, Colorado that is funded through a volleyball league she runs. Read more at https://www.reasonstobecheerful.world “ Here’s what Sarah wrote: Start Something Slow Start Now

The Guardian: 'Mi casa es su casa': the American welcoming migrants into her home

“Sarah Jackson built a space for newly released detainees to get back on their feet after witnessing their struggles at the border “

Colorado Public Radio: When Detained Immigrants Are Released, Casa De Paz Is Waiting To Lend A Hand

“Before many people arrive at the federal detention facility Aurora, they could have been arrested in places as far flung as the U.S.-Mexico border or New York City. Some detainees end up far from anyone or anywhere they know. When they're released, they may not have money, a phone or a place to go. Sarah Jackson founded Casa de Paz six years ago to help those newly released immigrants. Casa de Paz’s original mission was to be a place where far-flung family members of detainees could stay and visit a loved one, not unlike how a Ronald McDonald House serves a hospital.”

Don’t just learn about Casa de Paz, support Casa de Paz

  • About Casa de Paz https://www.casadepazcolorado.org/

    Casa de Paz began in 2012 as a small, one-bedroom apartment offering hospitality to families separated by immigrant detention. Our work has always been to host families whose loved ones are being detained and individuals who have been recently released. In 2017 we moved into a larger, rented house with more space so that we would not have to turn people away. Today, Casa de Paz provides visits and emotional support, shelter and meals, access to phones, WiFi, computers and transportation. Detention is a difficult time that tears families apart and creates a financial burden, so we have always offered our services free of cost. Since we first opened our doors we’ve hosted over 1,600 immigrants and the need only continues to grow.

  • Volleyball Internacional https://www.casadepazcolorado.org/volleyball/

    Volleyball Internacional is a diverse welcoming, family-friendly league where playing volleyball supports something bigger. Players join Volleyball Internacional because we love the game. We alove spending time on the court with our friends and family, getting some exercise, competing and having fun. We also join because Volleyball Internacional helps put families back together again. Volleyball Internacional is where sport meets compassion. 100% of the league's profit is donated directly to Casa de Paz, a local nonprofit with the mission to ease the isolating experience of immigrant detention, one simple act of love at a time.

  • Donate https://www.casadepazcolorado.org/donate/

    Donate online through PayPal

    Donate by phone - Text the word Casa to 50555 and set up a one time or recurring donation

    Donate by check - Checks can be written to Casa de Paz and sent to PO Box 111351, Aurora, CO, 80042

    Donate household items - click here to see our home wish list

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