season 2.3: episode 010: the outlaw theologian of love

Episode 2.3 The All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast

We jump into this episode sans Justin.  Picking up on topics from safe driving while listening to the Superbowl to the great opportunities for the church in this cultural moment. Cody sings a little bit about a clown with big red shoes.

The Interview: The Outlaw Theologian of Love, Part One

We present one of our long-anticipated interviews.  Cody interviews Dr. Thomas J. Oord, a.k.a. The Outlaw Theologian of Love (a.k.a. to us at least, I don't think anyone else calls him that).

Tom Oord covers topics from creation, miracles, and even talks about the stuff God doesn’t know about.  And that’s been a bit of controversy for some (you can read about the controversy here). Tune in, listen up, put on your best Armenian thinking-cap and tell John Calvin to take a break for awhile.

We'll have more from Tom in the next episode. Make sure to find out what's next....

You can follow Thomas Jay Oord at his blog:

On Twitter at:@ThomasJayOord and on Facebook.  While you looking into Dr. Oord's writings, don't skip his incredible collection of photos from his numerous hikes across Idaho. 


Dr. Oord has provided a gift for listeners coming to the podcast; an audio version of The Uncontrolling Love of God.  Follow the link for the audio book. The form is coded for sales, but we're giving this away, so when it asks for a credit card number, I don't think you will need to enter that. If there's any problem, email us at:

Music this episode

Ronald McDonald and Friends - Do You Believe in Magic: Cody tried singing it during the recording of the podcast, but I didn't remember it. You hear it on Youtube at: This must have come out during my vegetarian phase and I blocked out ideas about hamburgers.

The Brilliance - See the Love: This band is totally brilliant.  Profound songs capable to blending sensitive compassion and a prophetic edge. Their latest collection, All is Not Lost blends sensitivity about the brokenness in our midst, and the opportunity for compassion and hope.  So needed these days! Check out their media and music at their website:, like them on Facebook, follow on Twitter, go to their Youtube channel to subscribe their videos, and purchase their music at iTunes.

Maggie Rogers - The Color Song: Cody says, "she made Pharrell Wiliams cry".  Is that a good thing? Take a listen yourself. find out more about Maggie Rogers at her website, follow on Twitter, like on Facebook, and purchase on iTunes.

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