Season 2.2: Episode 009: The Devil and Dr. Beck

The All That’s Holy Blue Collar Podcast: Episode 009 – Richard Beck and the Devil

In this episode, still close to the New Year’s beginning, we talk about New Year’s resolutions.  Remarkably, Justin is non-New-Years-resolver.  Along with our regular banter, which usually tilts toward politics or theology, we pick up on early impressions of the Trump administration and follow-up with a Two-Minute warning considering the positives of a Donald Trump presidency.  We make a few passing references to our need to upgrade our tech (including getting Justin a new mic) for the podcast.  Click the donate button to help us along the way!


We also talk about the devil. 

Craig has a conversation with psychologist and theologian, Richard Beck.  Richard Beck is an author, speaker, blogger and Professor of Psychology at Abilene Christian University. Beyond his books --Unclean, The Slavery of Death, and Reviving Old Scratch--Richard's published research covers topics as diverse as the psychology of profanity to judgments of Christian art to attachment to God. Every Monday Richard leads a bible study for fifty inmates at the maximum security French-Robertson unit. And Monday-Friday on his popular blog Experimental Theology Richard will spend enormous amounts of time writing about the theology of Johnny Cash, the demonology of Scooby-Doo or his latest bible class on monsters.

Music in this podcast:

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