season 2.4: episode 011: the outlaw theologian of love, part 2

Episode 2.4 Episode 11: The All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast

We’ve got another voice.  Christina Marfice, writer at, world-traveler, and tennis commentator.  Getting to know Christina as a journalist, comedy writer, and the possessor of “person” (“I have a person” she says, we should talk about this).  Christina can be followed at  And coming up will be Christina’s participation in Remote Year, while she lives as a digital nomad travelling the world, joining us for podcasts with us from remote locations, beginning with Croatia.

We have a few confessions and there’s always something to be grateful for: for engaged citizens; for relationships of welcome when we need a new home; and the new work of the New Sanctuary Movement and their new training.  Read or listen to their story from National Public Radio, broadcast February, 24, 2017.

The Interview: The Outlaw Theologian of Love, Part Two


Part 2 with Dr. Thomas J. Oord.  We pick up the conversation with Cody and Tom discussion the wooing of God as one who seeks our response.  They pick up on themes of nature, creation (do not forget to check out his photo album on Facebook!), and evolution.  Tom brings up an expanded sense of God’s partnership with creation.  Including ideas about God’s memory, life after death, and some of the concepts which have bothered others and created push back. In this context, Tom states, “I care about the biggest and most difficult questions we face as humans, I’m not afraid to ask those questions, and I’m not afraid to look for answers, even if they’re unconventional.” Tom speaks more openly about his experience with his layoff from Northwest Nazarene University. Including his experience and his hopes for his colleagues.  And his conviction that he may not qualify as a heretic. 

Thomas Jay Oord Photo Sample

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