Interesting Challenge

Hmm. That's an interesting challenge, Craig. Let me think of three propositions that might fit Wright, Fee and other more recent interpreters. This is just a rough draft, but it's something to begin talking about:

1. God has worked through history, revealing himself and his ways to many people. These people wrote their experience of God, (in the Hebrew Scriptures through the Judaic people of God and in the New Testament through the person of Jesus), and these writings were collected as God's revelation.

2. While each individual insight may not be historically or scientifically true, the principles communicated by each author reflect God's true nature, action and will.

3. The clearest way to understand this revelation is by comprehending the cultural, social, historical, literary and theological background of the society from which and to which the author wrote.

So, does this make sense? Does it offend anyone? Any revisions?

Steve K