Youth Baseball

I've always known, deep down that baseball is one of the most divinely inspired team sports. The poetic rhythms of the game:
  • the emphasis on the presence of the Trinity
  • the reality that the best in the game strike-out most of the time
  • the desire to get home, either by transcendence (out of the park), or by immanence (around the bases)
  • and many more....
I may have the opportunity to become a part of the board of directors for our town's youth baseball league. It would be a great opportunity to help the game and our kids. That is easy for me to see as a missional endeavor. However, if I'm mediocre at the job, it would be an embarrassment to the church.

The patron saint of non-ball player baseball administrators, Bart Gaimatti, needs to inspire me. He got Pete rose out of baseball, on agreeable terms, he rekindled the passion for the poetry of the game, honored it's traditions, and cared about the fans. But on the downside, he died in office of heart failure, one week before his one-year anniversary as the commissioner. Sacrifice bunt?

Missional baseball leadership? Hmmm.