From the beginning, God reaches out for partners in mission.

On God's mission we reach out for partners.

We believe that God is on a mission

the mission place seeks to connect missional churches as partners in ministry. Some of our partnerships are formed with pastors, some with congregations, and other leaders. Some of the ministries listed have been clients of consulting services in the past, or conversation partners for ministry. One way or another, these are partners with whom we have shared, or continue to share, opportunities to learn and serve. 

Craig has lots of energy and is very creative—at the same time is a good listener. He understands “missional” like few others. He is also a great person to have working in an ecumenical setting since he understands the dynamics well of working at missional challenges from such a context—that is his current reality and he grasps the importance of approaching the missional journey across denominations
— Conrad Kanagy Associate Professor of Sociology, Elizabethtown College