Faithful Panicking

This will be a long day.

I had one of those vivid dreams that starts up again once you close your eyes. Not a horrible, blood curdling, sacrry dream borne of too much pizza and horror movies. No, I think this maurader was simply borne of a kind of subconscious self-assessment.

The story line doesn't really matter. What matters was how I felt upon waking. I was vulnerable and regretful.

My first response, okay, my second response. My first was to try to go back to sleep. So after that didn't help I just started reciting the Lord's Prayer. I contemplated the 23rd Psalm, and listened to the crickets through the window.

I heard my son cough due to his summer cold. Then blow his nose. The cat jumped on my feet as if there were a tasty mounse under the covers. I think he blew his nose, again. My son, I mean, not the cat.

Then I heard the coffee pot, which is set for 4:15 start brewing. It was as the scent of fresh brewed coffee arrived in my bedroom I realized my night of restlessness was done.

Sipping my second cup of coffee before heading to the gym I simply prayed to God "preserve me with your mighty power, that I may not fall into sin, nor be overcome by adversity, and I all that I do direct me to the fulfilling of your purpose..."

Now I just need to stay awake through game two of the NBA finals.