New Version on Psalm 137

From Al Roxburgh's book Missional Map Making, page 20.

In the midst of this crazy world and wonder what has happened.
How do I talk to a kid with a ring in his nose?
Does the Old Rugged Cross mean anything to him?
He asks me to sing a song about "my Jesus."
From what I can tell he is from another planet, or am I the stranger here?
I think its time to sell the Wurlitzer.
So how do I tell Martians about Jesus,
when the only language I speak is 1955?
How do I write a headline for them
That doesn't screw up the Good News?
I king of wish it were they it was,
but it's not. So I need to figure out
how to sing the old lyrics
with a whole new tune.

What's missing is the hard to read, vengeful ending. How would you write the ending?
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