Easter After

This morning I read the Bible. I read the Luke 24 passage about the downcast disciples walking out of the city to their home in Emmaus.

Maybe they were trying to wash their hands of the whole escapade and just go home. Maybe they wanted to find "normal" again. Leaving Jerusalem their first step towards that goal.

One of the hardest searches in life is seeking out "normal.". Each day can end with a sigh, thinking, "I made it through that!". It is as if each night brings a desire to flee from the craziness of "Jerusalem". But when each morning arrives, "with troubles enough of its own," I'm reminded that there is no "normal" to flee to.

In the story of the disciples walking to Emmaus, they change orientation. After hearing, and understanding, what this stranger has told them. Then upon seeing Jesus revealed from this stranger, the disciples head back toward that place from they had fled.

I know that the balanced life and non-challenging life, the normal life is always fleeing faster and further than I can reach. So, as I orient myself to the day and the week to come, I head back "Jerusalem", those crazy places in which we live and escape the "normal".

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