Developing Discernment

Our youngest son teaches us continually about the merits of good discernment. Perhaps it is because of how well we have taught him that he creatively moves in another direction, like an improvising jazz musician.
  • For some reason, our warm and friendly extroverted son, doesn't always know when to stop talking class and is developing the nickname "Blurt."

  • We have taught him the value of friendships – but friends won out over homework for awhile and actually threatened his baseball season due to low grades.

  • We taught him to give back and pay it forward, but is choice of giving back to his school was misdirected when he autographed the inside covers of several text books (as one friend put it, he'll be famous some day and those autographs will be worth a lot.)

I really love him. He is so cool and is always keeping us on our toes.