The Philippines

I am sitting downstairs in the Nazarene Mission Network office. I have had several papers to grade but decided to take a little time to update all of you on what God is doing here in the Philippines.

I arrived late, the rest of the team preceded me by two days. I was speaking at a Singles Retreat and didn't feel I could cancel. Since our arrival we have been working hard, playing hard, and basking in the grace of God.

We have visited a swatter camp that makes you feel inadequate. Fifteen, fourteen, and eighteen year old young people are sharing the gospel and training seminary students how to do it. They are growing the church in the midst of squalor and the joy of the Lord is evident on every face. Last night Ann and I went to their Sunday night service. it was something. They sang, gave testimonies, and asked us to speak. Wow, what an experience.

Sunday Morning Pastor Daryl and two thirds of the team went to New Hope, a 3 year old church plant. And Ann and I and Fern and Ron Hutter went to Living Water church. I preached on Esther. the pastor was a man of God that looked a lot like Moses coming off of the mountain. His face literally glowed with the grace and love of the Lord.

I have been working on installing baseboard in the main office area. APNTS (Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary) is celebrating 25 years next week and we are sprucing the place up.

Two days ago we had the privilege of being taken by canoe through an amazing canyon to a gigantic waterfall. Several of us rode a raft under the falls, the pressure was intense, but oh what an experience.

We have eaten at several wonderful restaurants in Manila, visited three malls and spent Christmas money.

But the highlight has been the people we have met. Always when I return from such a trip I am always humbled by how the third world lives and maintains a gracious, loving, and graceful spirit. I will write more later.