A Black Eye to Racism

I am sure that last night's victory for Barak Obama was not the final blow to racism in America, but it was a powerful one.

Right before falling asleep last night, I remembered my sister's fight against racism when we were small children. Her friend, Phylis was crying. When my sister asked why, Phylis explained that a boy (who has become rather (in)famous nowadays, so shall remain nameless) had called her a name. I think my sister was about 7 or 8 years old. The word that made Phylis cry was the "n-word". Up to that point, we never really thought of Phylis or her little brother as African-American, they were just neighbors and playmates.

Though I wasn't there, the report was basically that my sister went up to Nameless Boy and socked him in the eye. He had a black eye.

Racism has always been a black eye on America. Last night, I thought something was beginning to change. Maybe we are finally growing up enough to see beyond the color of someone's skin. Maybe we are actually entering a new era. I am proud of my sister being a part of a long line of people beating down racism, she was a part of the process that found fruition in yesterday's election.

Way to go Sis!