Wonder No More, Part 2

One thousand buckets of beer on the bench, one thousand buckets of beer, knock one down and throw to the ground, nine hundred ninety-nine buckets of beer on the bench... C'mon, you know the song...

So finally I went to see where all the trash I've been cleaning up for the past few weeks comes from (see previous post: Wonder No More). While I'd like to keep a detached, anthropological distance, I'd have to say I didn't.

For the month of August, my son's baseball team had been under the grandstands picking up trash to raise money for next year's baseball season. As a "thank you" from the track owner, we had been offered 20 tickets to the races. About five adults came along with about ten kids. Interestingly enough, there were no mothers with the kids. So, it was a boys night out. However, there were plenty of men and women in the crowd; it was in no way, just a guy thing. That went contrary to my expectations.

What also went contrary to my expectations was that it could actually be interesting to watch cars drive a quarter mile lap. After the different classes of cars each ran their time trials, the races began. By far, the sprint cars were the fastest and the loudest. Even through our ear plugs we could hear the power in those little cars.

I'll have to reflect later upon the nature of God and creation from this experience. Suffice it to say, it was great. It was fun to be someplace odd and very ordinary. It just served to remind how easy it can be to become detached from my own surroundings and my own community.