My New Journey into Substitute Teaching

Ah, the carefree days of kindergarten.... only when you're a kid.

My kindergarten day was today. In fact, it wasn't even a day, it was an hour. It felt like a day. The teacher for whom I was subbing had three educational goals outlined for his young students. They were to learn the fundamentals of "fleeing, chasing, and dodging." I never heard these described a educational goals, but they are legitimate enough, especially if you are planning to grow up either to be an athlete, a criminal, or a crime fighter. Time will tell.

Lunch is over, time now for Health class. We're talking about manners. Ugh, another subject I know nothing about. But then comes kickball. I'm ready for that. But I guess it's just more of the same, "fleeing, chasing, and dodging," but now with kicking and catching included.