It seems the more we try to play this game, the more we get hurt. Wall Street suits trying hard to stay insulated against their own mortality. While the rest of just want to have enough to take care of our families and those we love. The suits in D.C. don't seem any more sensitive to the lives we live. Lives, of "quiet desperation" may soon give way to a vocal cynicism.

I'm awaiting my friend over at http://jointheclasswar.blogspot.com/ to pick up on this topic. Code Pink has already gotten folks ready with "No Cash for Trash" campaign.

Maybe all of us with mortgages should march on Wall Street banks and burn our mortgage. I don't suppose that would do much. With their bailout around the corner, they'd have the funds to chase us back home in time for their well orchestrated sheriffs' sales.

The other use for $700,000,000,000.00 – split it up among the middle-class on down. "Middle-class" I hear McCain defines that as $250,000 on down. Not in my neighborhood. If you've got only five digits in your annual income, then maybe you can join us in the middle class (unless you have to live in Manhattan or Sun Valley, you'll need more to get by there). Maybe use it as seed money for down payments on homes for the poor so there can be stabilization in neighborhoods. Maybe some of that could go to healthcare for the poor and under-insured, which would boost domestic productivity. I could think of plenty of ways to divide $700,000,000,000.00 other than providing first aid so that some CEO doesn't have to face the crisis: which to sell, the 90ft yacht or their Bombardier Lear 60XR. Oh times might be tough for them when there's a Wall Street sidewalk sale.

Are we feeling better yet?