Day 5 - The Christmas Season Devotionals

December 30

Luke 2:21-40

“On the 5th day of Christmas my true love gave to me...Five Gold Rings.”

What a gift! Five gold rings would provide a ring for each finger. When Abraham’s servant, Eleazer went to Haren in search of a wife for Isaac he met Rebeccah. After she had completed his special test he gave her a gold nose ring and two golden bracelets. This represented a wonderful gift. Likewise these rings in the song, represent a wonderful gift. Some legends believe the five gold rings of the song refer to the first five books of the Bible.

If we did not have these first books of the Old Testament we would not have the complete story of God’s love. Our “true love” gave to us the first five books of the Old Testament. Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy make up the books known as the Pentateuch or Torah. They tell us of the history of God’s loving creation, humanity's sinful failure, and God's response of grace in the creation of a people to be a light to the world. The foundation of all that we believe as Christians finds its roots in the story of the children of Abraham. These books tell God's story and our story from creation to covenant, from the Fall into sin, to the promise of a redeemer and from deliverance to establishment as a people. In them we view God’s loving interaction with his creation. These truly are precious golden documents that tell us who God is and who we are.

Action Point: Find a way to communicate the extreme value of God’s over arching story. What does it mean for us to be part of a community that has been called by God to communicate his story? What kinds of things ought we to do as part of his called out ones?