All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast: Episode 3

All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast for July 18, 2016

Episode number three features an interview with Dustin Williams, the head athletic trainer for the 2016 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team. Here is a video clip of Dustin, athletic trainer for the University of Arizona, talking about being selected to head up the athletic training team for Rio.

Dustin Williams, US Olympic Track and Field Team Athletic Trainer

Dustin Williams, US Olympic Track and Field Team Athletic Trainer

Also in this episode: trying to figure out how to faithfully respond to the violence across the US and thinking about the "birth pangs" of a new racial era; Cody plans to call his mom; what to binge watch this summer; Justin deals with his humility; while Craig figures out how to comb his diminishing hair.

Music in this episode is from Jeff Beck, The Avett Brothers; and Wye Oak. 

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DISCLAIMER: Profound things will be said, but it will be entirely by accident.