Episode 007: The All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast: C. Christopher Smith

Episode 007 of The All That's Holy Blue Collar Podcast with C. Christopher Smith

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Our guest on this episode is C. Christopher Smith, author of the book Reading for the Common Good: How Books Help Our Churches and Neighborhoods Flourish, coauthor of the book Slow Church: Cultivating Community in the Patient Way of Jesus, and the editor of “The Englewood Review of Books.” He is an active member of the Englewood Christian Church community on the urban Near Eastside of Indianapolis.

Chris and Cody talk about the local church as an organization in which both learning AND action lie at the heart of its identity. They discuss the practice or reading and how reading together in community can drive the church and surrounding neighborhood into deeper action.

Chris believes that the church can no longer be about passive consumption, but instead should take seriously the church’s call to participatory life with the community. He shares how reading can become a vital practice for helping churches navigate this shift.

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The Englewood Review of Books

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Cody, Justin, and Craig wax eloquently about the fun stuff going on in the national political arena.  We also hear about Justin's new job (still a blue collar guy).  Craig confesses to his struggles with persistence as he slogs through the dissertation process.

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