Seminary Without Walls (SWW):

  • continuing education for clergy, church leaders, and those who serve the church
  • provides education which can lead toward credentialed ministry
  • offers additional training and continuing education for practicing clergy and congregational leaders
  • resources for lay people exploring ministry their denominations or faith-based organizations
  • encourages those developing unique ministries
  • creates a place for healthy theological conversation built on trust, content, and experience.

SWW keeps clergy in touch with changing culture and new movements in theology, and also provides opportunities to develop skills for ministry. 

SWW is training people for stronger and more in-depth leadership roles in God's mission.

SWW serves the mission of the church and not a particular denomination, allowing for a more textured and nuanced perspective.  Courses are taught from the perspective of the historic creeds and confessions of the church, and maintains a perspective of a "generous orthodoxy" in theological differences.  Whenever possible, courses are taught from multiple theological positions from teachers within those traditions. 

Discussions are handled in from this perspective of generous orthodoxy which allows students to form conclusions from within their own theological community and heritage.