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The All That's Holy: Blue Collar Review

The All That's Holy: Blue Collar Review is a weekly curated list of ideas, curiosities, and practices.  The world is filled with opinions, ideas, and reviews and re-treads of all kinds of ideas. Just click the tab toward the top of the page that says "Past Issues", the archived list will be available.

Knowing an idea is one thing, but there are things we can do to experience a new insight, then a lasting type of knowledge emerges.  Once a disciple was asked by a rabbi why he was doing nothing. The disciple replied that we was "seeking God's will." To which the rabbi responded, "don't wait to know God's will, do it." Knowing God's will, forming knowledge to share, is more about experience than insight out of a beacon of light. 

You can access past issues of the weekly Five New Things by going to the archives linked here.

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